Vehicle and RV Insurance

With affordable rates whether you purchase per trip or annually, and internet convenience, buying your Mexico insurance couldn’t be easier! Just click here.

There are tons of places to buy Mexican insurance online and as soon as you get close to the border, you’ll notice that you can stop in any convenience store for a policy. The problem is that if you have an accident, you’ve got nothing but a piece of paper with a 01-800 number on it! For the same amount spent on that policy (and probably with the same carrier), you can buy your insurance from the comfort of your home, knowing that your agents are here in Rocky Point, available to you 24/7 if you need us.

Special note to RV Caravans: We love to see your caravans pulling into town each year. This coming season, purchase your Mexico insurance from ProAlliance and send an email to find out about our special RV Caravan promotion!

This will sound odd, but…if, for some unexplainable reason, you prefer not to purchase Mexico insurance from ProAlliance, then please purchase it from my competitor in this city. People always tell me how much they love this community and how much they want to give back. I know they’re referring to charity and perhaps volunteer work, but in that same vein, let’s remember that my colleague and I employ locals to work for us, we pay to support our offices and we pay taxes here. We’re also actively involved in the community. Costco isn’t. I’d rather have you buy from me than from the other company, but I’d rather have you buy from him than from someone in the US who doesn’t even know where Rocky Point is.

My employees and I are the front line, but behind us stand insurance providers and adjusters. I assure you that the ones we work with are all professionals who want to do right by you. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business. If there’s more I can do to help accomplish that, do let me know. Until then, we remain at your service…

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